What is translation?


Translation is the decoding of a source text into another language, while respecting various criterion and constraints. In other words, both texts must communicate the same message to the reader, taking into account rules of grammar, idioms, correlation between words and writing conventions.


At N. Dionne Translation, we are dedicated to the quality of our services. We are committed to applying rigour, to collaborate with our clients and we respect established deadlines.


Language Level : FR -Advanced EN -Advanced


We take pride that our testimonies reflect our professionalism and our dedication to our clients

N. Dionne Translation offers quick, accurate translations at a competitive cost. As a branch administrator of a financial services firm, I received numerous requests from our advisors to have marketing and other material translated. From French to English or vice-versa, the quality of the finished piece has always been impeccable.

N. Dionne Translation is my first choice for translations.


If you need translation done from English to French or French to English, N. Dionne Translation is the professional to see ! They will take the time to see exactly what your needs are and in return, give you the end results you're looking for.
N. Dionne Translation is extremely honest and professional. I would recommend this service to all!


I needed the help of N. Dionne Translation for professional text writings of general nature. I found the services to be professional and that the text compositions followed the overall ideas I wished to express. Based on my experience, I recommend N. Dionne Translation for administrative writings.



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N. Dionne Translation is synonymous with rigour, efficiency, its service and quality work. Whether it is short or long term mandates, our experienced translators satisfy your linguistic needs while respecting your deadlines. Our network includes qualified collaborators that meet high standards. Rest assured that we will satisfy your linguistic requirements.

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